Meeting the unique needs of each district.

District Wise Search Consultants

Meeting the unique needs of each district.


Every school district is unique, and every community is as well.

For a long time, finding school Administrators has been a one size fits all solution in a widely diverse world.

District Wise is here to partner with your school board, community, administration and staff to find the perfect fit for your needs.

What We Do

We will...

  • Meet with you to learn your needs

  • Seek out the best candidates 

  • Publicize the search

  • Make our top priority the screening and vetting of the candidates

  • Advise in contract formation

  • Host and facilitate meetings

  • Aid in the transition process


Areas of Focus

Superintendents • Central Office Staff • Principals

  • Search for Superintendent of Schools
  • Search for Assistant Superintendent of Business
  • Search for Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Search for Assistant Superintendent of Personnel
  • Search for Director of Athletics 
  • Search for Director of Educational Technology 
  • Search for Director of Pupil Personnel and Related Services
  • Search for Principal

About Us


District Wise Search Consultants is based on our belief that there is no higher priority than the quality education of our children. While any number of qualified and respected candidates will present themselves for the important positions that impact education, the screening and selection of the right person for the job is as individual and varied as the communities they will serve. 

At District Wise, we understand and appreciate this diversity. We take our role in this process with particular pride and the sense of commitment that we have always hoped those doing this work before us have done for our communities. With a combined 40 years in staffing and education, we also approach helping those we serve with a commitment to being "hands on," taking a personal interest in each district, position, and candidate to find the best possible fit.


Why Us


School Board Member Perspective

  • We work for the Board of Education
  • We understand the needs and concerns of the community as well as of the district employees

Fresh Perspective of fully vetted Candidates

  • The best candidates are not always the people “looking” 
  • Our advisory board consists of the finest administrators in the field of education

Individualized Attention

  • Candidates shown to a district will not be presented to another district unless your district has passed on that person
  • We are committed to the board throughout the duration of this process depending upon each district’s needs (publicizing, screening, vetting, contract formation, public meetings & transitions)
  • Ability to place a transition coach with newly hired superintendent

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